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Photos by Jasmine Bertusi

Daniele Chiocchio - The Architect

Daniele Chiocchio - The Architect

50 Years Young

Gagarin’s space flight
Godard’s A Bout de Soufle
Jaguar E-type
Fiumicino’s Airport
Breakfast at Tiffany’s

myfairyaudrey asked: Hello, I want to pre-order 2 or 3 copies of Audrey a Roma book, is it available on Amazon at present? Meanwhile, besides the book Audrey a Roma, do you have another souvenirs to sell. I am so excited to get the news about this book. Thank you so much.

Hi. The book will be available in italian libraries Oct. 26th and on Amazon at XMas.
- Audrey a Roma


No more exhibit’s photos here … But photos of the exhibit’s backstage very soon. Stay tuned. Can’t believe we’re almost there.


Little Black Dress in Roma as RH’s script and more. Phase 1 Done!


Thank you all for your reblogs, follows and messages. We love you!
For the ones who asked the book will be available in Italy on Oct. 25th in bookstores
and for Xmas on Foreign editions for France, Germany, Spain, Russia, UK
and USA are planned but stay tuned for delivery news.